“Who are the dragons you are running from?” is a recent, photographic series accompanied by a list of introspective questions regarding the process of re-connecting , “repairing” and becoming.

Like a shy creature, how much more will we be hiding in the woods?

Is building walls, letting people go, locking doors easier than meeting yourself?

Do you break others in order to keep yourself together?

Under the lies you tell yourself, which are the truths waiting to be unfolded?

Can you rest your fingers, unveil your palms, let yourself to be seen?

Who is feeding you?

Who is leaving you starving?

Are you following your deepest longings or are you serving dreams that others have created for you?

Do you surrender to your deepest truths?

Do you try or do you hide behind self-fulfilling prophesies?

Do you take this risk of being misunderstood?

Do you listen to your heart or let the voice of your “ego” silence it down?

Can you hold your darkness with soft hands?

Do you listen to your pain or do you shy away from it?

Are you ready to let go of the self you know in order to become the self you are becoming?

Are you ready to kill anything familiar and dependable in order to grow into something new?

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