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In 2015, Greece’s geographical location has transformed the country into an external border of the EU in the East, which was trying to manage the flow of immigrants and refugees, most of whom wanted to go further west in other EU countries. Arriving on their lands, apart form the physical exhaustion which they have to confront they have to face a series of prejudices, stereotypes and xenophobic attitudes, being seen by the people of these countries like threats to the cultural homogeneity, religion, identity and values.  Many Western countries were refusing  their admission to their territory, while European governments were trying to solve the big ”problem ”. As a result, the individual drama was being abolished by Mass Media and put under the label of ‘’refugee crisis”. The project “Epi Hartou” which translates into “on paper/on map”  has as a starting point my meeting with the Refugees from Syria arriving at the Piraeus Port. The project started as a dialogue and collective reflection on the “status” of the refugee and on the process of conceptual categorizations. The projects hasn’t yet been been finalised or presented to the public as I still have not  found an ethical standpoint from which “I”, as an artist, establish an equal relationship with the people involved in the scope of a potential public presentation/exhibition. 

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