Collective Responsibility

The explosive movement of modernity and that of the various technological areas, the liberation in every field as well as the democratization of responsibility have questioned the way in which we respond to the great social problems of our times along with our civic role and our collective responsibility. The constant stream of news causes neutralization of the viewers’ sensitivity and at the same time disperses their attention, making them feel helpless to react to the big global problems, accepting them as normality. Pressed together in a mass, people live desperately lonely, without common ground in a constant state of confusion but also uneasiness. As Jean Baudrillard would state, we live in a world where the only social bond is indifference as we engage in a non-belief, noninvestment game. In that sense, the film questions the idea of collective consciousness and responsibility in the new global community through the personal confession of the individuals interviewed as they document from a personal point of view their daily routes from their homes to work as well as fragments of their daily life while asking themselves what does it really mean to act in an authentic and meaningful way in the contemporary society.

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