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Emotional Europe is a multi-layered cultural exchange and artistic project focused on the power of civic engagement developed between Bucharest & Bruxelles. What does it mean to be a citizen in a Europe that is facing multiple challenges of transformation? The project was developed by Romanian choreographer Cosmin Manolescu in collaboration with Doina Domenica Cojocaru Thanasiadis, a visual artist. Their aim was to zoom into the life and concerns of the young generation of European citizens, but also to question the role of politics and Europe today by encouraging self-awareness through movement of the body, emotions and questions. Can we define a European identity without an enemy? Do evil and good exist/co-exist? Do you feel like being a Romanian, Belgian or more a European body?

Artists: Cosmin Manolescu, Doina Domenica Cojocaru Thanasiadis

Experts: Florin Badita, Mihai Sora

European partner: Gabriella Tudor Foundation

Theme: Civic activism

Final output: Performances, installation video, audio, objects

Young participants: Nona Bal, Patricia Couvet, Gilles Noël, Sarah Deppe, Steffi Mennen, Doina Domenica Cojocaru Thanasiadis, Ioana Stoica, Marta Popovici, Sergiu Diță, Daniel Mihoc

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